All publications are still available to purchase. Contact the author at if interested in obtaining copies.

Postcards from Dysthymia

Postcards from Dysthymia
17 poems, 24 pages
Ginninderra Press (2014)

Cracks in the Pavement

Cracks in the Pavement
21 poems, 22 pages
Garron Publishing (2014)

Corduroy & Cabbage – Growing up in 70s Suburbia
21 poems, 24 pages
une production de nausées (2010)

Wagtail 84 – The Inverted World
19 poems, 20 pages
Picaro Press (2009)

Travelling Backwards – Lost in New Zealand
15 poems, 24 pages
une production de nausées (2009)

“Travelling alone can be a time of soul searching, of observing ourselves and others from new perspectives – and one doesn’t always like what one finds. One can end up Travelling Backwards – Lost in New Zealand, as Graham Catt did. Catt’s brutal honesty, his blade-sharp irony and his ability to capture vivid scenes and moods make this book a unique poetic travelogue: a string of cynical postcards.”

Jude Aquilina

The Hieronymus Bosch Shopping Mall
26 poems, 28 pages
Picaro Press (2007)

“Overall this is an incredibly tight, sharply original collection of insightful, relevant poetry. Catt has developed and honed a style that warrants no comparisons: it is his and his alone. The Hieronymus Bosch Shopping Mall opens its gleaming glass doors upon a new frontier for Australian poetry. Be brave. Step inside.”

Amelia Walker, Poetry and Poetics Centre

“Phantasmagorical! Catt’s collection uncovers the suddenly surprising. The uncanny emerges in strong, lean poems that are so tightly sprung their revelations come as masterful juxtapositions, releasing the unconscious. Read these poems – you are as crucial to them as they are to you.”

Kate Deller-Evans

Shooting Stars
62 poems, 96 pages
Ginninderra Press (2001)

“I’ve heard whispers of a resurgence in poetry and if this is true then it is in some measure due to works such as this…”

Fiona Tully, Voices

“Shooting Stars gives readers s sense of comfort, of confidence in the proud power of emotions… Graham Catt is a new poet but one who has shown firm control over some old poetic tricks. His openness will be treasured, his few mistakes forgiven.”

John de Laine, Cordite


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