Excerpts from ‘Working with Concrete’

Many people have sought to understand the amazing variety of images produced by the sleeping brain, from ancient philosophers and fish merchants, to psychoanalysts, brain surgeons and interior decorators. Here is but a sample of the interpretations I have collected over a lifetime of study, soon to be published as Working with Concrete and other Pastimes of the Subconscious (The Third Ear 2006).


The appearance of bacon in your dreams might indicate a desire to sleep with barnyard animals. Bacon can also be a warning against skin disorders and genital warts.


Custard is usually associated with sexuality or death. But a pocket filled with custard suggests sudden wealth, while swimming in custard means you will develop a fondness for gravel.


The appearance of a porcupine generally indicates good luck. However, if the porcupine is wearing sunglasses or carrying an umbrella, you should beware of tall bow-legged women.


The appearance of socks or stockings usually suggests a desire for secrecy. Bras are associated with an interest in poultry farming, while underpants warn against antelopes and beer.


Freud was convinced that the earwig symbolised a fear of watercress, however, some contemporary thinkers feel that the insect may indicate a talent for papier-mâché or martial arts.


An astronaut may appear as an expression of the dreamer’s interest in water sports.


For some people, beetroot is associated with facial hair and carbuncles. For others, it may appear as a nostalgic symbol of childhood diseases or a warning against open-toed footwear.


The appearance of pancakes in your dream is generally good, suggesting money and nice teeth. However, if you should dream of sleeping with a pancake you may become allergic to magnets.


The butcher often appears in dreams offering heavily discounted chicken giblets. Rather than signifying generosity, the butcher might actually be symbolic of a desire to collect stamps or cook Mexican food.


A longing for oral sex may be expressed in the dream imagery of a sausage placed on the shoulder or upper lip. However, a flying sausage may symbolise a minor raffle win.


According to the Jungian view, riding on a hovercraft, or any other form of public transport, suggests that the dreamer is becoming boring or predictable. Therefore, a hovercraft dream can alert us to the need for a new hairstyle, penis enlargement or breast implants.

from Working with Concrete and other Pastimes of the Subconscious (The Third Ear 2006)


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